Our Business

Our team is prepared to offer the most comprehensive Human Resource Management Program available in the industry. We do a really good job of securing short and long term staffing and recruiting for our customers as well as offer services to assist in workers comp cost containment and risk/safety management services.

Our group specializes in:

• Staff Management – Temporary, temp-to-hire and direct placement – we understand the challenges that businesses face in recruiting exceptional talent. Our mission is to place the right person in your open position so that you can benefit immediately from reduced overhead expenses and bottom-line savings. You always have the option of converting our highly qualified employees to your payroll.

• Manager/Mid Manager Recruitment – EJR offers that perfect addition for your full-time staff. EJR’s proactive recruiting methodology and comprehensive screening process ensures that only the most sought-after candidates are presented for employment consideration. Our recruiters have access to an elite pool of candidates, including those who may not be actively seeking new employment opportunities. When clients choose EJR for their direct hire needs, they gain the peace of mind that result from alignment with placement experts.

• Workers Comp Cost Containment – We assist our customers in the cost containment strategies relating to their WC claims. We are dedicated to providing a unique alternative to existing strategies and norms for administering workers compensation claims by focusing on optimum interaction with the injured employee and bringing Third Party Administrators and related vendors spending habits under control. Our team a powerful turnkey solution to claims management where the focus is efficient response and oversight and the control of costs for employers by:

• Risk/Safety Management Services – We will establish a workplace safety strategy through systems’ management capabilities, employer program management directives, and efficient documentation management. This will reduce the overall cost of claims, workplace injuries, employee loss time, employee training time, and most importantly, employer’s workers compensation rates.