Workers Comp Cost Containment

EJR Solutions in joint venture with Employer Support Group, Inc. for the purpose of educating and assisting Employers in the cost containment strategies relating to their WC claims.

We are dedicated to providing a unique alternative to existing strategies and norms for administering workers compensation claims by focusing on optimum interaction with the injured employee and bringing Third Party Administrators and related vendors spending habits under control. EJR strategy is a powerful turnkey solution to claims management where the focus is efficient response and oversight and the control
of costs for employers by:

Dedicated Claims Analyst

  • True employer advocacy and empowerment representation
  • Pro-active claims oversight and management
  • Business Strategy approach to claims instead of a Process driven approach

Medical Provider Network

  • Resource implementation to take charge of claims
  • Transparent reporting Systems

Fraud Investigation 

  • Employer control over claims

Medical Case Management 

  • Potential reduction in medical bills

Human Resource Services 

  • Internal employee management

Prescription Drug Control 

  • Prescription drug pricing controls